What is Evolutionary IMprov?

It is a weekly class for men and women who are looking for a little more fun and play in their lives. It is a non-frivolous activity to explore the intersection of authentic expression, humor and poignancy and to push yourself a little out of your comfort zone. 

What is it good for? It is good for carving out a set time in your week where you can relax, reconnect with your body, move, breath, play and be yourself with others. It is good for exploring your personal stories, discovering new strengths and courage, uncovering blocks and overcoming them. All of the experiences you have in the class can fuel you out in the world. It is like a secret superpower elixir because it takes some courage to dive in and share yourself in this unique way. Once you do the rewards you feel inside are manifold. 

Do I need any skills to participate? No, just a willingness to take suggestions, play and open yourself just a little.  Any skills you do have will certainly feed your experience because we incorporate so many tools, movement, breath, storytelling, improv games and writing for example. 

Can I just do the class as a drop-in?  No, the class is designed as a series. There is a skill set that evolves and deepens with experience. It is nice to grow together as a group because bonds of trust and safety develop as the weeks progress.  There are regular "check it out intro classes" in between the series so you can decide if you want to join the next round. 

What's the place like where you teach it?

The Continuum Studio is a wonderful large space with a carpeted floor that has a very thick padding. This allows us to comfortably use the floor as a place to explore movement, to relax and stretch out. It is located on 18th Street just N. of Olympic and has parking. 

Evolutionary Improv Classes



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Evolutionary Improv Classes

Evolutionary IMprov is on hiatus until  2017. Please email vivian@creativitymuse.com  To be notified when classes start enrolling again.