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* The 4 processes of generating creative solutions

* The 4 Problem-Solving style preferences and what their strengths and challenges are

* The yin and yang of creative thinking and how to make sure you get an appropriate balance of both

*How to craft open-ended questions that encourage collaboration while moving the creative process forward

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS --- why would you want to come?

* Understand how to put creativity to work as a skill that moves your personal and business life forward

* Rut-busting-see how creativity can be used to generate new plans and solutions

* Build understanding and improve relationships by understanding the different Problem-Solving preferences

* Feel empowered as you apply new thinking skills and generate creative solutions.

I had a lot of fun in this class. Viv

knows her tools and has a lot of creative ideas to move you through blocks. Also, when needed, you were able to take our thoughts and ideas and put them into wording that became usable.  You have great energy - positive and enthusiastic - and I always left the sessions feeling excited and hopeful. 


~ Workshop Participant, Laura G.

Vivian's workshop was great for me to see what I was creating in my relationships that was not healthy!! I am putting down boundaries at every turn and saying NO when necessary and that feels great! 

She is a wonderful facilitator, kept it interesting, fun and creative. She kept people engaged and broke things down so we could understand. I love your sense of humor and spirit. I especially enjoyed the magazine cover project.

~ Workshop participant, Tanya C

"Ongoing benefits I am experiencing are less fear stopping me from doing creative new things, more willingness to dive in and let the chips fall where they may! I feel freeing and more joyful in everything I undertake.  I think you are a terrific facilitator, enthusiastic and passionate about what you teach, careful to include everyone in the group, supportive and encouraging."  ~ Workshop participant, Denise B

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Attendance is limited to 8 participants to enable a personalized, interactive and supportive experience

Next class is March 18, 2017.  Classes meet 11:0-4:00 in Santa Monica.